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Project Overview

From “Prospecting can be the hardest part of the sales process, a grueling numbers game. But it shouldn’t be. Born from hundreds of thousands of sales calls, Salesvue puts real-world insight together with the power of Salesforce and transforms the numbers game into connections, conversations, and sales.”

Salesvue partnered with Exit 31 and DK New Media to deliver a new homepage to describe the benefits of the Salesvue platform and drive more qualified leads.

Our Role

Homepage design and development, frontend development, responsive optimization

Website Design & Development

Seeking to generate more quality leads, Salesvue tapped Exit 31 to design and develop a new homepage that describes the benefits of their product and drive more demo requests and free trials.

Responsive Optimization

By utilizing the Boostrap 3 framework, we optimized the new Salesvue homepage to consistently deliver their message and product benefits across all devices.

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