PetBookings: kennel bookings for your furry friends

Project Overview

While leading travel sites offer customers dozens of choices for hotels, flights and rental cars, finding a safe, reliable kennel for your pets requires copious amounts of research and trial and error. Now you have options with PetBookings, which operates like the travel websites you already use. Simply select your location and dates, and PetBookings handles the rest for you by providing listings, profiles and prices for top kennels in your area.

Our Role

Product design, application development, infrastructure, credit card & ACH billing

PetBookings Homepage

Improved Customer Experience

Booking Widget

By reconstructing the booking widget, kennels have the ability to paste in a snippet of code to allow reservations through their website. The snippet generates a unique co-branded portal to match the facility's branding.

Search Engine Optimization

Like other leading travel sites, we put a big emphasis on site structure to boost search engine ranks. Not only did we want to optimize around local searches, but we also wanted to help kennels reach more customers.

PetBookings Local Search

Localized, Flexible Searching

Like most leading travel websites, we focused on the ease and flexibility of local search. Customers are able to simply select their dates, enter their location, and find the ideal kennel to board their pets while they travel.

We delivered a solution that works best for both the businesses and the consumers. By letting boarding facilities set requirements around space and weight, customers can easily pair their pets in a single room by entering their weights and breeds.

The best part is, customers can save their pet’s name and vaccine records to streamline the booking process. We used this pet data to offer personalized up-sells such as grooming, exercise packages, and treats.

PetBookings Kennel Profile

Know Before You Go

While browsing PetBookings, we gave the customers the option of researching kennels and reading reviews. They can also view any boarding facility on the platform to see their availability, amenities, pricing, and hours of operation.

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