MarketRiders: do-it-yourself investing, simplified.

Project Overview

MarketRiders empowers everyday investors to protect and grow their wealth by taking control of their investing.

Our Role

Product design, product management, application development, and online marketing. Exit 31 has provided continuous support on the MarketRiders platform, including the design and development of new features, A/B testing and website optimization, and marketing strategy.

MarketRiders Web

Simple Online Portfolio Management for DIY Investors

Since 2007, MarketRiders has been a leader in do-it-yourself investing. MarketRiders is web-based investment management software that helps its customers build and manage a diversified, low-cost retirement portfolio using methods developed by Nobel Laureates.

Exit 31 has been instrumental in the design and development of the MarketRiders product. We designed and implemented a number of A/B tests to improve lead acquisition and improve customer retainment, fully redesigned the application, and drastically improved the performance of their email marketing.

Since it’s hard to change the investing philosophy of potential customers, MarketRiders faced several challenges with helping their customers understand the product and the reasoning behind their investing strategy. By developing a multi-page interactive tour, we clearly illustrated the methodology behind the product and provided transparency on how it works.

Referral Program

Recognizing that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, we put together a feature-rich referral program to incentivize customers to share the product with friends and family.

Retargeting Advertising

By utilizing retargeting technologies like AdRoll, MarketRiders was able to recapture abandoned customers as low as $5 each. This left a 60-95% margin for new customers and up to 1,000% ROI for annual subscribers.

Email Marketing

We helped MarketRiders acquire new subscribers by capturing leads from the blog, implementing drip campaigns, A/B testing email templates, and implementing a holistic communications strategy.

MarketRiders Mobile

Mobile-First Design

With the growing trend of mobile browsing, we recognized that modern investors needed a mobile-friendly solution they could use on the go.

By utilizing the Bootstrap 3 framework, we reconstructed the application, portfolio engine, blog, and marketing pages to be consistent across all devices.

MarketRiders Portfolio Engine

Intelligent Portfolio Engine

Most investors still believe that the best way to manage their money is to pick stocks or overpay for advice from a financial advisor. For years, sophisticated families and elite institutions have used asset allocation for their core portfolio strategy. With MarketRiders, any investor can implement these strategies using their simple and elegant portfolio engine.

The MarketRiders portfolio engine pulls in financial data from all over the web to constantly monitor their portfolios. We developed a sophisticated rebalancing algorithm to notify customers of shifting markets and encourage them to rebalance their portfolio. We also optimized these portfolios to utilize commission-free trades from top brokerage firms to save customers from fees.

MarketRiders Email Marketing

Email Marketing: 50%+ Open Rates

By A/B testing drip campaigns and welcome emails, we managed to boost email open rates to 20% on the low end and up to 55% on the high end. From personalized plain-text emails from our support team to well-designed newsletter templates, we implemented an effective email communications strategy across the board.

A Better Welcome Email

We never let a good marketing opportunity go unnoticed. Our new welcome email “Free Investment Kit from MarketRiders” reached a 40% open rate with a 14% click-through percentage.

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