LeadJen: new look, same thriving business

Project Overview

From LeadJen.com: “LeadJen is a B2B lead generation company that helps corporate sales and marketing teams drive more revenue and better understand their market through database building, custom marketing campaigns and B2B appointment setting.”

Our Role

Website design and development, copywriting, WordPress CMS integration, data migration

LeadJen Homepage

New Look, Same Thriving Business

LeadJen came to Exit 31 with the simple goal of designing a modern website, refining their message, and helping their customers better understand the services they offered. By collaborating on copywriting and design, it wasn’t long before we transformed LeadJen’s vision into a lean lead-generating machine.

WordPress Migration

The design was complete and the development choice was clear: WordPress. We migrated hundreds of pages content from Joomla to a shiny WordPress installation.

Search Engine Optimization

With a focus on refining the content to be more keyword-focused and search-friendly, we were quickly able to boost traffic and attract quality inbound leads.

Quality Leads

Within 6 months of launching the new LeadJen website, web traffic increased by 200% and inbounds by 500%.

LeadJen Services

Refined Content, Simplified Navigation

Luckily for us, LeadJen already had a ton of great content just waiting to be discovered. With a little content refinement, it wasn’t long before we witnessed a significant boost in inbound traffic and leads.

As part of the design process, we focused heavily on site structure and organizing their content in a way that was easy to consume. We recognized early that although there was a wealth of information available, we knew we had to fine-tune the navigation so no piece of quality content went unnoticed.

LeadJen Homepage

Fresh Content

Jenny and Megan had some clear goals from the beginning: fresh content, better promotion of infographics and case studies, and an easier way to capture leads.

By enabling their marketing team to generate landing pages and lead-capturing forms on the fly, LeadJen increased their inbound leads by 500%.

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