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Project Overview

250ok is an email deliverability software company based here in Indianapolis. As stated on 250ok.com, “250ok was born out of our passion to serve the evolving needs of email deliverability managers at companies of all sizes and industries.” To help serve those needs, 250ok partnered with Exit 31 to accelerate their business on multiple fronts including advisory, strategy, software engineering, and product development.

Our Role

Website application design and development, product development, operations, online marketing, and advisory

250ok Homepage

A Hands-On, Holistic Approach

Since partnering with 250ok a year ago, Exit 31 has been instrumental in building new products and scaling the applications. From new products to daily operations, we’ve applied a hands-on, holistic approach in helping 250ok succeed. This included a new website, new application, and a handful of new products and features.

Application Design

From the UI to the architecture, we optimized every pixel and every line of the application to transform the 250ok into a well-oiled machine.


By implementing a new site structure and SEM strategy, we've continued to optimize the website for search engines and provide copywriting to boost visibility.


From new products to daily operations, we've applied a hands-on, holistic approach in helping 250ok grow their business in an ongoing partnership.

250ok Tour

Compelling Content Marketing

Since partnering with Exit 31, 250ok has added three new product offerings including Design Informant, Email Informant, and the Open API.

In addition to designing, architecting, and launching these new products, Exit 31 crafted a new multi-page tour to highlight the benefits of each product to drive more demo requests and inbound leads.

250ok Application

Responsive Application Design

The work didn’t stop with the website itself. Exit 31 rebuilt the entire 250ok application from the ground up with a mobile-first approach. Our primary goals in the redesign were improving the user experience and ease of use while maintaining the structure that existing customers were familiar with.

After porting the application to a MVC framework, we took on a number of interesting challenges including data migration, application scalability, and developing new features. To see our continued work in progress, we encourage you to check out all of the awesome products 250ok has to offer.

250ok API

Robust, Feature-Rich API

An industry-first, 250ok offers a comprehensive and feature-rich API to all of their customers. Using the CodeIgniter framework, we crafted a flexible and powerful REST API to allow customers to seamlessly integrate 250ok into their application. To take it a step further, our API offers the flexibility for the customer to choose their output (CSV, XML, JSON, serialized) to fit their needs and designed a well-documented API guide.

Available On The Go

Similar to most of our website development projects, we utilized the Bootstrap 3 framework to rebuild the marketing website and the 250ok application to provide an exceptional mobile experience.

Visitors and prospective customers can browse the homepage and tour across any device, tablet or mobile. 250ok customers can also enjoy all of the application features conveniently from their phones.

250ok Mobile

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